Retirement Voices, a growing community of women helping women navigate retirement, today launched its biweekly blog. This online resource explores diverse aspects of the human impact of retirement on a woman’s sense of identity and purpose, relationships, health and everyday life.

From making friends outside the workplace to getting comfortable with a blank calendar, from handling the emotional fallout when retirement isn’t your choice to getting used to being with a spouse 24/7, the Retirement Voices blog covers an array of retirement-related topics.

With each post, readers can gain insights and information from appropriate subject-matter experts. These include already-retired women who’ve successfully tackled the emotional and social issues that retirement poses as well as retirement coaches, psychologists, attorneys, financial advisors, family therapists, and more.

Retirement Voices co-founders Leslie Inman (a three-time retiree) and Roxanne Jones (currently downshifting into semi-retirement) also share perspectives from their own personal retirement journeys.

Importantly, the comments section of the blog provides an interactive forum for women to connect with one another and discuss their own experiences, concerns and observations.

“There’s a uniquely female tendency to reach out to one another for advice and guidance when faced with change and challenge, which retirement certainly is,” says Inman. “This blog gives women who are contemplating retirement an easily accessible resource where they can learn from other women who’ve already made the transition.”

“Our content can also provide validation for already-retired women who may be questioning if they’re doing retirement ‘right,’” says Jones. “And it reassures women that they’re not alone in this often-stressful, life-altering journey.”

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