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a community of women helping women navigate retirement

If you’re a woman who’s contemplating retirement or you’re already retired, you’ve come to the right place for insights and affirmation about what this stage of life is really like.

Retirement Voices is not about financial planning. That’s covered by many other resources.

Instead, we explore the immense human impact of retirement—on our identity and sense of purpose, our relationships, our health, our everyday life. Here you’ll find:

  • Our biweekly Retirement Voices blog, which delves into a wide range of retirement topics, such as:
    • knowing when it’s time to retire
    • negotiating boundaries and space with your spouse/partner
    • discovering your post-work identity
    • building a social network outside of work
    • whether (or not)—and how—to structure your newfound time

With each blog post, you can learn from other women who are facing—or have been through—similar situations, and you can share your experience with others.

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  • Information about our forthcoming book Retirement Voices: Women reveal what life after work is really like—a book that will provide wisdom and advice about what retirement is really like from nearly 300 women who’ve already left the working world. By sharing their insights, our book gives a heads-up about the promise and pitfalls of this transition to those who haven’t yet retired. It also provides guidance to those of you who are already retired and seeking support in this post-work stage of life.

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Why this women-forward approach?

There are thousands of us baby boomer women turning 65 and joining the ranks of the retired every day—charting new territory when it comes to this chapter of our lives. Yet there are few resources specifically for women that address our social and emotional needs during this time.

Retirement is actually one of life’s top ten stressors—and during times of stress we women seek out support, connection and validation from likeminded others.

Now, with Retirement Voices, you can have a supportive community—a sisterhood focused on retirement—with multiple ways to connect with and learn from other women.

You’re not alone in the way you’re feeling and dealing with this life-altering journey called retirement.

You have Voices to help you along the way!

To contact us, send an email at info@retirementvoices.com. We appreciate your interest and support!


Co-authors Leslie Inman and Roxanne Jones

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Who we are

Leslie Inman

Leslie’s area of expertise is marketing and sales—and she has an exceptional track record of cultivating new markets and boosting sales, often achieved by applying novel approaches.

After earning an MBA degree with honors from Boston University, Leslie began a series of careers in senior management in the corporate, higher education and nonprofit sectors, always with sales and marketing responsibilities. She served as vice president for three life and health insurance companies, director of advancement for Johnson & Wales University, real estate agent and branch manager, president of two of her own start-up businesses, and chief of membership and customer care at Girl Scouts of Maine. In every situation, her drive to succeed, marketing and sales ingenuity, and willingness to test new ideas produced results that surpassed goals.

Leslie brings another important qualification to Retirement Voices: she is a serial retiree, having retired three times, with her most recent retirement in 2017. This has given her a deep understanding of the intricacies of this transition, and the ability to relate to women who are moving into and through this phase of life.

Leslie is a member of the Authors Guild, the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, AARP and The Transition Network. She is a Legacy Scholar at the University of New England’s Center for Excellence in Aging and Health. She lives in Harpswell, Maine.

Roxanne Jones

Roxanne is an award-winning freelance writer nationally recognized for her expertise in crafting content for hospitals and other healthcare organizations across the U.S. Before going out on her own in 1995, she held senior PR and marketing communications positions at the Massachusetts Medical Society (publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine) and Boston University. In addition,while living in southern California from 2000 to 2006, Roxanne was a contributing editor and writer for Palm Springs Life, the region’s premier lifestyle magazine.

In 2015, Roxanne launched Boomer Haiku, a popular weekly blog that took a humorous and slightly irreverent look at life as a baby boomer, acquiring nearly 5,000 monthly visitors during its 3-year run. Her guest posts were regularly featured (and can still be found) on other sites including the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop (www.humorwriters.org), The Fifty Plus Life (www.thefiftypluslife.com), and Humor Outcasts (www.humoroutcasts.com).

A baby boomer herself, she’s now downshifting into semi-retirement. As a result, she’s keenly attuned to the emotional and practical challenges this transition poses for the women intheRetirement Voices community.

Roxanne is a member of the Authors Guild, the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, and AARP. She lives in Cumberland Foreside, Maine.